Taste n' Score Mineral Kit
Taste n' Score Liquid Mineral Kit

Taste n' Score Liquid Mineral Kit

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The Taste N' Score Liquid Mineral Kit includes six 2 oz bottles of: Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc,Copper, Chromium, & Manganese. Use all six Taste n' Score Minerals to make a personalized Mineral Drink.

Each Taste n’ Score mineral is considered essential to human health.  Each has a variety of functions and benefits for your body. Taken together, however, their impact on your body is greater than just a sum of their parts. Potassium, for example, works with magnesium to help control blood pressure and relax muscles.

Taken together, minerals help with absorption and prevent you from over supplementing individual minerals.  For instance, taking too much zinc suppresses the absorption of magnesium and copper creating potential imbalances and deficiencies. 

Testing all six Taste n’ Score minerals gives your body access to six essential minerals for optimal benefits without creating imbalances. 

Taste n’ Score Minerals provide the opportunity to use your sense of taste to find which minerals YOUR body is asking for.  A simple taste preference test helps you create a personalized, Taste n’ Score mineral drink using all six essential minerals. Your taste preference can change due to diet, activity and stress.  Re-test often and adjust your Taste n’ Score Mineral drink accordingly!

Keep up with your body’s changing needs with the Taste n’ Score Mineral Kit!

Free! Order and download Taste n' Score Mineral Kit Instructions and Tracker