Lyte Balance - Explore Taste-ability

LYTE BALANCE electrolyte concentrate has no calories, sweeteners or artificial flavorings so all you taste is 100% pure electrolyte salts.  The challenge of hydration is to get the right ratio of water + electrolytes. The taste of LYTE BALANCE is like a personal hydration report - the degree of saltiness you experience lets you know when to use more or less.* Your hydration ratio changes due to activity, diet and health so with LYTE BALANCE you always know when to use more or less to meet YOUR hydration needs.


  • Dilute 1 capful of LYTE BALANCE into 8 ounces water.  Take a sip or two.  Now, add a second capful. Which do you prefer? One capful or two?
  • Use 1 or 2 capfuls per drink according to taste.

Your taste experience of LYTE BALANCE can change depending on your diet, activity level and health. Re-taste often to help you keep up with your body’s changing demands!  In fact, as you develop your taste-ability with LYTE BALANCE you will know - with each drink - when you want more or less.

Recommended Use:  1-2 capfuls per 8 ounce drink once or twice a day - twice a day if you’re training or healing.  Daily use of LYTE BALANCE stabilizes electrolyte levels for optimal healing and performance.


The natural salty taste of LYTE BALANCE lets you know if you’re getting too many (or too few) electrolyte salts in proportion to your water intake.
Water + Electrolytes = Hydration. 

TASTE WILDLY SALTY OR UNPLEASANT?  YOUR GOAL: BALANCE Your electrolyte levels are  out of balance. Use 1/2 capful to start or use one capful and add more water or other mixer until it tastes Mildy Salty or OK to you.  Taste test again in a week - it should start tasting better as your electrolyte balance improves.
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NO TASTE OR SLIGHTLY SWEET? YOUR GOAL: BUILD Not enough salts in proportion to water intake. Your body is asking for more electrolytes so try 2 capfuls of LYTE BALANCE per drink. Taste again in a week.

MILDLY SALTY? YOUR GOAL: MAINTAIN Your salts and water intake are more in balance so stick with one capful per drink to keep your body naturally energized and well hydrated.  Wonder if you need electrolytes?  Check this survey to find out.