Taste n' Score Preference Test Instructions

Step 1: Taste n' Score

Put the number of drops listed on the Taste n' Score Mineral label ( e.g. 10 drops) into an empty  glass. Fill with 2 oz. water. Sip and taste slowly.

Score the taste using the Smell Taste Preference Scale  – ‘Pleasant', 'Neutral' or Unpleasant.' 

Smell Taste Preference Scale

Step 2:  Use as a daily supplement according to your taste preference scores.

Score Pleasant to Neutral?Add the number of drops listed on the bottle into a glass and fill with your favorite juice or smoothie.

You may double the number of drops if your score is 'Pleasant,' e.g: Score of Pleasant on Taste n' Score Magnesium – use 20 drops rather than 10.

Score Unpleasant? – Don’t Add

Re-test often. Your scores will change because your needs change due to diet, activity and stress.

Taste test all six Taste n' Score Minerals to make a custom, multi mineral drink.

What Do My Scores Mean?

Smell or taste preference testing assesses your body’s ‘appetite’ for a nutrient. Appetite is regulated by a close interplay of our senses, digestive tract, and the brain.

  • 'PLEASANT' - your body has a strong ‘appetite’ for that mineral.
  • ‘NEUTRAL’ - Lesser ‘appetite’ for that mineral.
  • 'UNPLEASANT' - No 'appetite' for that mineral.

Taste n' Score FAQ's